Education and Voting: More Liberal Myths

The frustrated Democratic pundits have been all over the reasons they lost the election so decisively. It seems that the voters did understand their message and did not like it.

But one of the myths that liberals are using is that the uneducated "red-neck" in so-called Red States elected Bush. Actually, among those with a college-education or more, Bush and Kerry were tied at 49% each. The divide in the country cannot be explained by blaming the new Republican majority status on uneducated voters. What has happened that is clear in the voting over the last ten Presidential elections, is that the Democrats are losing ground with white voters and with male voters. Although Republicans are making inroads into the Latino and black vote, Democrats are still losing the white male big time. They continue to do well only among groups who want to depend upon the government for help and who seek to use the government to economically support them. These groups are less and less important demographically.

Fortunately for the safety of our nation and our future generations, the Democrats do not seem to have a clue about where they are going or why they are going there. Until they become a party for people who also view the government's main role as the defense of our society, Democrats will be an increasingly minority party.


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