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Tuesday, November 21, 2006



For some inexplicable reason, I have found myself drawn to the investigation and debunking of ridiculous conspiracy theories of late. The impetus for this development has been the invasion of the Internet by conspiracy theorists of all stripes. Adherents are invariably folks "out of the flow" of real events. You will not find substantive lawyers, bankers, or serious corporate managers among the conspiracy theorists. They will seldom have viable academic or professional credentials. But the Internet for all of its worth and inestimable value creates a democracy of cyber space, where every man or woman’s opinion can be posted with equal footing. If I have an explanation for doing this article, it is to try to objectively beat back a growing fringe of people who are poisoning the well of ideas with total and unmitigated trash.
The Bilderberg theory holds that a group of international bankers and other elites meets regularly to plan the rule of the world. The theory is rooted, as most conspiracy fantasies are, is some real facts:
Deriving its name from the Dutch hotel where it first met in 1954, the Bilderberg group is an actual, legitimate entity whose members consist of approximately 100 influential European and American figures in politics, business and academia who meet annually to discuss and advocate political, diplomatic and economic policies. Jewish AntiDefamation League web-site (2006).
Some allege that their rule already exists, while others argue that they are just in the operational stages.
Various far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists, however, charge that the group is a shadowy force seeking to control world events, exerting allegedly dominating powers of international influence to promote a "new world order" under their control. The extremists claim that Presidential candidates of both major U.S. political parties are controlled by the Bilderberg group; among those often mentioned in such conspiracy-oriented propaganda are David Rockefeller, the Clintons and Henry Kissinger. Other Bilderberg leaders are said to be members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations -- groups which themselves are often central players in far-right conspiracy theories of secret efforts at domination of the world's political and financial institutions and the press Id.
If like me, you have been on "the edge" of the world of these elites in your business or vocation, you will be utterly at odds to find a shred of rationality in this theory. From major corporate takeovers to legislation in Washington DC, I have seen no footprint of a secret elite and international ruling class. Putting aside personal incredulity, this article will review their allegations and their nominal support for the paranoid delusion.
The Bilderberg theory is closely related to the general assertion that a group of Jewish bankers control the world. In recent times, the Jewish issue has been de-emphasized and some other movers and shakers have been added to the core of banking elite as the conspiracy theory evolved. "The Bilderberg has been accused of being everything from a Zionist cabal building a single global government to a secret star-chamber that seeks to fix the price of oil and presidential elections." 1 The heart of the conspiracy theory I simple: "They want you to believe they are simply improving international relations. But they are controlling the world and making decisions that influence all of us with absolutely no democratic control on what they do." 2 Other critiques just blast the Bilderberg meetings as elitist and echo the general anti globalism, anti-business line.3 This article will focus on the conspiracy theory, although the knee-jerk leftist critique of "globalism" is just as impervious to the facts.
The history of the conspiracy theory goes back some time and has evolved into a more sophisticated version over time.
I began my investigation of Bilderberg while in Washington, D.C. in the autumn of 1975. I had read bits and pieces on Bilderberg in right-wing literature and so I went directly to its source, the Liberty Lobby, an ultra-conservative political pressure group located a stone's throw from Capitol Hill. There I interviewed one E. Stanley Rittenhouse, Liberty Lobby's legislative aide. Rittenhouse solemnly explained the existence of a Jewish-communist conspiracy to rule the world by way of a 'New World Order', whose eventual goal is one world government. To prove this point Rittenhouse incessantly recited passages from his handy pocket Bible and explained the evolution of this great conspiracy. It all goes back to the Illuminati, a secret society/fraternity formed in Bavaria in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, based on the philosophical ideals of Plato. John Ruskin, 'a secret disciple of the Illuminati' and a professor of art and philosophy at Oxford University in the 1870s, revived these ideals in his teachings. Robert Eringer, The Bilderberg Group... the Trilateral Commission... covert power groups of the West, Pentacle Books, 1980. Extract: Chapter 1 (emphasis added).
The history of the group starts with a meeting in the Dutch hotel, from which it derives its name, and then evolved into annual meetings of Western leaders in government and finance.4
Within the list of Bilderberg attendees, one sees a sample of the major players in government, business and finance in North America and Europe.5 A serious observer also sees representatives of groups that are at odds with one another everyday of the week on a host of serious matters. As a Canadian paper commented amidst speculation that the 2006 meeting would be in Ottawa: "Guest lists typically include names like Kissinger, Rockefeller and Soros."6 Given Mr. Soros’ political activities and activities on and off the record, it strains credulity to suggest that he is really secretly working with Republicans behind the scenes to run the world! In the same vein, Bill Gates seems to have attended the June 2006 session in Ottawa, where a very large number of European Union movers and shakers were present. The next month, Microsoft got hit with another $357 million fine from the EU anti competition agency, on top of the 497 million Euro fine already charged to Gates’ company.7 It is very hard to come up with a convincing story that the nearly $1 billion paid out in EU fines is consistent with Bill Gates being part of a financial conspiracy with the same government leaders who pushed to fine his company. Simply, the chairman of Monsanto, Robert B. Shapiro, attended in 1999, heading the company most committed to generically modified food, before a group of European politicians who then went to great lengths to try to ban all of his company’s products in the EU. It is more than a little difficult to see what Gates and Shapiro "got" out of the Bilderberg meetings.
Many of the attendees have spoken out on the crazy theories that surround the meetings.
"But "privacy, rather than secrecy", is key to such a meeting says Financial Times journalist Martin Wolf, who has been invited several times in a non-reporting role. "The idea that such meetings cannot be held in private is fundamentally totalitarian," he says. "It's not an executive body; no decisions are taken there." As an up-and-coming statesmen in the 1950s, Denis Healey, who went on to become a Labour chancellor, was one of the four founding members of Bilderberg (which was named after the hotel in Holland where the first meeting was held in 1954). His response to claims that Bilderberg exerts a shadowy hand on the global tiller is met with characteristic bluntness. "Crap!" "There's absolutely nothing in it. We never sought to reach a consensus on the big issues at Bilderberg. It's simply a place for discussion," says Lord Healey. BBC, supra.
"Norman Spector, a former chief of staff to prime minister Brian Mulroney, says he knew little of the suspicions that surrounded Bilderberg when he attended a conference in the early 1990s. "It's hard to understand the conspiracy stuff. Most of the people were publicly visible," he said. "They weren't like the gnomes of Zurich or shady financiers. They were all people you'd see on a Sunday morning talk show." 8
"Last time I went to a Bilderberg conference, it was held in Athens, about three years ago. Tony Blair was there, not yet leader of the Labour Party [and now, of course, prime minister], Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel were there, the Queen of The Netherlands was there. It was all pleasantly grand. Yet it is hard to think of any subject on which we would be likely to conspire. The Queen of The Netherlands is as Euro-fanatic as Ted Heath, Tony Blair is a modest good European, I have been an anti-Maastricht campaigner and Mr Black is a Canadian neo-realist who owns 500 newspapers. The idea that we all join hands on some witches' Sabbath to manipulate the world is almost as absurd as the belief that I am trying to make the Queen of England the crowned head of Mexico." William Rees-Mogg
" Wall Street, treason and Pat Buchanan," The London Times, March 14, 1996, page 16.9
Other attendees have included those who are not quite on the same page as the alleged Bilderberg "consensus," who presumably would have been well-placed to "blow the whistle" on a conspiracy if it, in fact, existed. "These are carefully selected people of influence, who have been openly critical of globalisation. Examples are Jonathan Porritt (Bilderberg 1999) and Will Hutton (Bilderberg 1997) but there are many others. Most of these kinds of participants are happy to speak about the conference afterwards, and may even be refreshingly critical."10
Conspiracy kooks argue that if the group had nothing to hide, why are their meetings closed to the press and public? The Bilderbergers say that they need to keep remarks off the record to promote a free exchange of ideas.11 There is no reason to question this hypothesis, since anyone who has been involved with serious discussions among high-level people readily will understand this concept. "Contrary to Internet mythology, invitees do not sign blood oaths of secrecy, but they are strongly encouraged not to discuss who said what during the closed meetings, to allow for freer flowing discussions." 12 The corollary question which has no answer from the conspiracy adherents is why would a secret group have just public meetings in the first place. 13
A good question to ask is where is the evidence of this global rule. The self-acknowledged chairman of Bilderberg in 2005, Viscount Etienne Davignon, told the BBC:
Bilderberg does not try to reach conclusions - it does not try to say 'what we should do'. Everyone goes away with their own feeling and that allows the debate to be completely open, quite frank - and to see what the differences are. 14
What policies and decisions allegedly have come from the Bilderberg group? Where is the evidence of their impact?
We have a world that is interconnected by trade, investment, culture, and numerous other factors. The Atlantic community is the dominant global advocate of a rule of law and open economies. We share a vision of a world where everyone can achieve up to their ability and opportunities are open for all to compete. We practically speaking depend upon several mechanisms to allow the normal functioning of commerce, such as international enforcement of contracts and patents as well as multiple currency transactions. That the leaders invited to the Bilderberg meetings would have a stake in the status quo which gave them the power or recognition to be invited is logic and not very unsettling. As Davignon argues: "Business influences society and politics influences society - that's purely common sense. It's not that business contests the right of democratically-elected leaders to lead." BBC, supra.
Major institutions that function in this climate have a serious stake in the status quo and the ordered conduct of international relations, commerce, banking and investment. These commercial relations fuel a good part of the American economy as exports, on the one hand, and foreign investment in our country on the other. This system is very transparent and is subject to the organized and public political systems of each country that is involved. The very transparency and accountability of the elements of the international economic system are what make it attractive to the powerful institutions that function in this system. Checks and balances in the system create stability and help assure that each party’s interest is protected from arbitrary actions. Transparency and accountability are the lynch-pins of the international business world which places the fundamental values of the status quo totally at odds with those projected by the marginal conspiracy adherents. 15 One of the leading conspiracy adherents post alleged minutes of the 1999 Bilderberg meeting which raise the point of whether the IMF is "sufficiently accountable." 16 Policies that stress accountability and transparency are 180 degrees from the policies that any conspiracy worth its name would advocate.
So we have a "conspiracy" that routinely double-crosses its members, like Gates/Microsoft and Shapiro/Monsanto. It also advocates transparent financial and international relations. It includes people from diametrically opposed viewpoints in real life like George Soros and George Bush Sr. as well as European socialists and European free market advocates. So either the entire world as it can be empirically observed is an illusion or the unsubstantiated and illogical notion that there is a secret group of Bilderberg elite that rule the world is bogus. Tough choice......
Randy Mott
(1) Ottawa to host top-secret meeting -- or maybe not: Rumours run rampant that ultra-influential Bilderberg to come here," Ottawa Citizen , May 24, 2006.
(2) Jim Tucker, former writer for Spotlight, quoted by Richard Creasy and Pete Sawyer - Punch - issue 55, May 23 - June 5 1998.
(3) "The ideology put forward at the Bilderberg conferences is that what’s good for banking and big business is good for the mere mortals of the world. Silently banished are the critical voices, those that might point out that debt is spiralling out of control, that wealth is being sucked away from ordinary people and into the hands of the faceless corporate institutions, that millions are dying as a direct result of the global heavyweight Rockefeller/Rothschild economic strategies." Link:
(4) Eringer, supra, quotes an alleged Bilderberg organizer in the United States: "'In the early 1950s a number of people in both sides of the Atlantic sought a means of bringing together leading citizens both in and out of government, for informal discussions of problems facing the Western world. Such meetings, they felt, would create a better understanding of the forces and trends affecting Western nations. 'The first meeting that brought Americans and Europeans together took place under the chairmanship of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, from 29th May to 31st May, 1954. Ever since, the meetings have been called Bilderberg Meetings. 'Each year since its inception, Prince Bernhard has been the Bilderberg chairman. There are no members' of Bilderberg. Each year an invitation list is compiled by Prince Bernhard in consultation with an informal international steering committee; individuals are chosen in the light of their knowledge and standing. To ensure full discussion, an attempt is made to include participants representing many political and economic points of view. Of the 80 to 100 participants, approximately one-third are from government and politics, the others are from many fields - finance, industry, labour, education and journalism. They attend in a personal and not in an official capacity. The meetings take place in a different county each year. Since 1957, they have been held in many Western European countries and in North America as well. 'The discussion at each meeting is centred upon topics of current concern in the broad fields of foreign policy, world economy, and other contemporary issues. Basic groundwork for the symposium is laid by means of working papers and general discussion follows. In order to assure freedom of speech and opinion, the gatherings are closed and off the record. No resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued during or after the meetings. 'In short, Bilderberg is a high-ranking and flexibly international forum in which opposing viewpoints can be brought closer together and mutual understanding furthered.'
(5) Gosling published an alleged list of attendees, which reads like a who’s who on both sides of most issues of the day.
(6) "Ottawa to host top-secret meeting -- or maybe not: Rumours run rampant that ultra-influential Bilderberg to come here," Ottawa Citizen , May 24, 2006.
(7) CIO Magazine, "Microsoft Hit With $357M E.U. Fine" JUL 12, 2006 07:00:06 AM , "The European Commission has fined Microsoft 280.5 million euros (US$357 million) for failing to comply with the terms of a March 2004 antitrust judgment against it, the commission said on Wednesday. Microsoft has already paid a 497 million euro fine as a result of the judgment, in which the commission found that Microsoft had used its near-monopoly in the PC operating systems market to gain advantage in the markets for work group server operating systems and media players."
(8)Ottawa Citizen, supra.
(10) Gosling’s site in a headquarters for things "Bilderberg" :
(11) Lord Healy, an attendee, told the BBC: "Bilderberg is the most useful international group I ever attended. The confidentiality enabled people to speak honestly without fear of repercussions. In my experience the most useful meetings are those when one is free to speak openly and honestly. It's not unusual at all. Cabinet meetings in all countries are held behind closed doors and the minutes are not published." BBC, supra.
(12) Ottawa Citizen, supra.
(13) The BBC stated: "No reporters are invited in and while confidential minutes of meetings are taken, names are not noted." Jonathan Duffy, " Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory," BBC News Online Magazine. June 3, 2004:
(14)Inside the Secretive Bilderberg Group," BBC, September 29, 2005:
(15) Indeed, "Transparency International" the group that leads the charge against corrpution and bribery is funded by government agencies and corporations from the same circle as the alleged Bilderberg Conspiracy. See The Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation includes all of the "Bilderberg" governments are is also a leading advocate of transparency and anticorruption policies. See,2350,en_2649_34565_1_1_1_1_1,00.html
(16) Gosling posted the following: "The moderator began by throwing out a number of challenges that set the tone for much of the subsequent discussion. Given the IMF�S increased importance, is it a properly accountable body? What is the G7�s role and is it the right shape? Given the introduction of the Euro, is it really necessary for so many European countries to attend G7 meetings? How can one begin to establish international regulators when there are such conspicuous rivalries between regulators within countries, especially America? And how do you design a system that bails in the private sector?
Several participants returned to the basic theme that the markets have globalised but the regulatory systems have not.’ Link:
If this post is accurate, it contradicts the whole slant of the conspiracy theory: the participants were concerned about IMF accountability and recognized that there was no effective international regulatory system.


Anonymous said...

You may want to re-consider as you reflect on this quote from Woodrow Wilson: "Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

I found many more on this New World Order Quotes page. It's a little hard to ignore an elite plan to rule when you catch many elites admitting it!

Anonymous said...

It is true that the British and Papal forces are locked in
struggle. But it is also important to realise who their partners are,
even if the partnership have cracks. The British are aligned with the
Jewish, Byzantine and Hindu forces. The Papal forces are aligned
with the Islamic and Confucian forces.

Cromwell brought back Britain's Jews and made them loyal to the
British agenda. America's Puritans were also aligned with the Jews.
Disraeli made Israel part of the British agenda. Jefferson and
Franklin were instructed by a Greek named Paradise how to write the
Constituion and set up universities loyal to the Greek agenda.
Byzantines have a politburo called "Archons" to which even Gorbachev
belongs. The Byzantine forces have control over Russia as well as the
old Alexandrian hegemonies of Egypt and Syria. This is why Greek
shippers control Arab and Russian oil. Greek shippers shipped slaves
to America which were captured by Arabs and their African allies.
Greek-born British Prince Philip has reverted to Orthodox Christianity
in his old-age. All the money in India is in Orthodox Christian,
Zorastrian or Jewish hands. As the USA is moving towards a Papal
majority, the British hegemony is moving jobs to India, which is more
likely to be aligned with British interests.

The Papacy always had good ties to Islam, not just because of
abortion. The Papacy has always used Islam and Confucianism against
their enemies. Marco Polo reopened ties to China, which they saw as a
counterforce to Byzantium and Russia. Even when Muhammad was alive,
the Papacy wanted to use Islam to destabilize Byzantium. The Pope
opposed any action against Saddam because Tariq Aziz was a Papal
Chaldean. Hitler was a Papal altar boy and was aligned with Islam and

Anonymous said...

How about these quotes:

"We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent." --Paul Warburg (Council on Foreign Relations/ Architect of the Federal Reserve System)

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." -- David Rockefeller Council of Foreign Relations

"The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world." -- Nicholas Rockefeller

"By having this war on terror. You can never win you can always keep taking people's liberties away." -- Nick Rockefeller

The last two were from Aaron Russo: Historic Interview with Aaron Russo, Fighting Cancer and the New World Order

Jeff said...

could it be that bin laden is a part of this group look at it all from the past

John Wallace said...


This is a rather long article about the Council on Foreign Relations and how I believe that it is a "front organization" for international bankers. If you would rather download the artcle to read at a later date, here is a link to it:
When I was growing up in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan, I remember when I was about 12 or 13 years old I had my first contact with discovering what a “front” was for another business. It was called Tack’s Tackle Shop. When it first opened, it looked like just another business. The guy in the store, Tack, was selling fishing rods, live bait and an array of fishing equipment. It didn’t take long before the kids in the neighborhood figured out that perhaps there was something else going on. The live bait in the window wasn’t alive anymore and local hoods and gangster type people seemed to be going in and out, particularly in the evenings and none of them looked like fishermen. It wasn’t long before the place was raided by the NYCPD and my friends and I all watched from across the street on Sherman Avenue as “Tack” came out in handcuffs along with a bunch of other men. We were later told that Tack’s Tackle Shop had actually been a front for an illegal gambling operation.

A “front group” can be any entity that is set up to appear to be a legitimate independent organization, like Tack’s Tackle Shop, when it is actually controlled from behind the scenes by another organization or group of individuals. These front groups are often legitimate businesses, social or political organizations, professional groups, advocacy groups, research organizations, etc. Organized crime has used legitimate front organizations for many decades to launder their income from various illegal activities. Pharmaceutical companies have used front organizations to advocate for the drugs they manufacture. International terrorist organizations have their front groups here in the United States and as the evidence clearly shows, so do the international bankers.

After researching the formation and activities of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) it appears that it may be a very sophisticated version of “Tack’s Tackle Shop.” The CFR was specifically set up to carry out the goals and objectives of international bankers so that the public positions taken by the CFR would appear to be independent positions that could not be directly connected to the international bankers who personally control and fund the CFR.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in 1921 by a very select group of international bankers, Wall Street lawyers and wealthy “old money” families sometimes called the Establishment or the Elites. Among the CFR’s founders were JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, “Colonel” Edward House (Marxist. globalist and close advisor to President Wilson), Paul Warburg (international banker), Otto Kahn and Jacob Schiff (both international investment bankers). The CFR’s stated purpose at that time was to improve the understanding of US foreign policy and international affairs through the exchange of ideas. The select membership has been gradually expanded over the years, now totaling around 3,800 and includes various professionals, corporate CEO’s, college presidents, media owners and reporters, high-ranking government officials and even high ranking US military officers.

These same international bankers that started the CFR were instrumental in getting President Woodrow Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act into existence in 1913 that basically gave these international bankers the power to print money and control our entire economy. To show you the mind set of this core group, one of the founding CFR members, Edward House, authored a book in 1912 entitled “Philip Dru: Administrator” in which he laid out a fictionalized plan for the conquest of America. In the book, he told of a conspiracy by which a group of wealthy businessmen would gain control of both the Democratic and Republican parties and use them as instruments for the creation of a socialist world government.

After signing the Federal Reserve Act into law, President Woodrow Wilson later admitted, "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country….(America is) no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." He was, of course, talking about the international bankers and the creation of the first great nationwide “front organization” called the Federal Reserve that was designed to directly benefit the international bankers at the expense of the American taxpayers.

The late Carroll Quigley (mentor and advisor to President Clinton) who was a long term member of the CFR, wrote in his book “Tragedy & Hope”: "The CFR is the American Branch of a society….which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established."

Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former member of the CFR for 16 years, sounded the alarm about the real intent of the CFR and pointed out that there was two separate cliques within the CFR:

1. The first and most powerful clique wants to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States.

2. The second clique of international members is comprised of Wall Street international bankers and their key agents who want to receive a world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in control of global government.

Congressman John Rarick, a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart in World War II and a Democrat from Louisiana who once argued with his party over its increasing liberalism, said, "The CFR, dedicated to one-world government, financed by a number of the largest tax-exempt foundations, and wielding such power and influence over our lives in the areas of finance, business, labor, military, education, and mass communication-media, should be familiar to every American concerned with good government, and with preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution and our free-enterprise system. Yet, the nation’s right-to-know machinery, the news media, usually so aggressive in exposures to inform our people, remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the CFR, its members and their activities.”

By using the CFR as a front organization to push their globalist agenda for America and the world, the “Establishment Elites and International Bankers” have managed to gain significant influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of our government. They can not only advocate their new world order ideas from within the government by using their CFR members in high government positions, but they can also use individual CFR members and research groups financed by their non-profit foundations to bring pressure from another direction. The international bankers use this process to implement the step by step decisions that will gradually convert the US from a sovereign nation to a subservient position in the new world order run by appointed bureaucrats selected by the international bankers. The CFR is being used much in the same manner as “Tack’s Tackle Shop” was used by an organized criminal group. The international bankers behind the CFR want to give the public the outward appearance of legitimacy in order that they can slowly accomplish their illegal objectives to usurp the US Constitution and the sovereignty of this country.

Many of the most influential international bankers, Wall Street CEOs, politicians, academics and media owners and TV personalities are members of the CFR. They join the CFR for the same reasons that other people join similar business organizations: to make political or business contacts, to enjoy the prestige of being in the organization or to simply use their connections to make more money. The CFR in turn, uses the broad influence of these people and their organizations to slowly infiltrate their globalist ‘New World Order’ plans into American life. CFR members and their ghost writers author scholarly articles that are designed to specifically affect public opinion and future government decision making. These authors and researchers are oftentimes funded directly by one or more of the international bankers’ non-profit foundations. The CFR’s well paid academics expound on the wisdom of a united world and the CFR media members disseminate the message.

In the 1940’s, President Roosevelt began bringing CFR members into the State Department and they have dominated it ever since. CFR members were instrumental in the creation of the United Nations. The American delegation to the San Francisco meeting that drafted the charter of the United Nations in 1949 included CFR members Nelson Rockefeller, John Foster Dulles, John Mc Cloy and the Secretary-General of the conference, Alger Hiss, who was later arrested as a spy for Russia. In all, the CFR sent at least forty-seven of its members in the United States delegation, effectively controlling the outcome.

These same CFR members were also instrumental in using our country’s new membership in the United Nations to create the concepts of “limited wars” and “police actions” that were designed to circumvent the US Constitution and permit an administration to send our troops to war without a formal Declaration of War. It should also be pointed out that these two concepts benefit the international bankers and large corporations most because they allow these entities to make huge profits by providing financing and/or equipment and products to the enemies of our country during the conflict. It definitely did not benefit the US military men and women who were wounded or died in these conflicts. If a Declaration of War was declared, these same bankers and corporation CEO’s would be charged with treason for aiding the enemy during a time of war.

James Warburg, a CFR member and son of CFR founder Paul Warburg testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950, defiantly telling the Senators that: “We shall have world government, whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

On November 25, 1959, the Council on Foreign Relations published “Study No. 7”, which openly declared its true purpose to bring about a New World Order through the manipulation of U.S. foreign policy and through international economic interdependence:

· "...building a New International Order [which] must be responsive to world aspirations for peace, [and] for social and economic international order [code for world government]...including states labeling themselves as 'Socialist.' "

The plan for the New World Order and the ultimate control of America by the international bankers, was clearly outlined once again in the April 1974 issue of “Foreign Affairs” the Council of Foreign Relations’ own publication, when CFR member and former Secretary of State Richard N. Gardner, wrote an article entitled “The Hard Road to World Order” in which he stated:

· “In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault…” one way to garner public support for new international treaties would be to propagandize world wide predicaments. If people are scared of terrorism, financial chaos or global warming, they will be willing to cede their national sovereignty, freedom and liberties for global authority.”

Since the FDR administration, all transition teams and administrations have been full of CFR members. It didn’t matter whether they were liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. The Nixon administration had over 115 CFR members all in key Executive branch positions, most of who continued into the Ford years. Ronald Reagan wasn’t a CFR member, but his Vice President George HW Bush was a CFR member, and so were 28 members of his transition team alone. The Clinton administration had over 150 CFR members in key executive positions. George W. Bush is not a CFR member either, but his father and uncle are, his Vice President Dick Cheney is, and his administration is swarming with CFR members. The incoming Obama administration’s transition team is packed with CFR members and he is already looking to staff many of its administration’s key executive branch positions with CFR members.

Did you vote for change in the 2008 Election? If you did, here’s a partial list of Mr. Obama’s transition team:

Susan E. Rice – (CFR) former State Department Asst Secretary for African Affairs; Anthony Lake (CFR) – Bill Clinton’s first national Security advisor; Zbigniew Brzezinski – (CFR) and Trilateral Commission - Brzezinski is widely seen as the man who created Al Qaeda, and was involved in the Carter Administration plan to give arms, funding and training to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan; Richard Clarke (CFR) - Former chief counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council under Bush; Robert W. Kagan (CFR) argues that interventionism is a bipartisan affair that should be undertaken with the approval of our democratic allies; Dennis B. Ross (CFR) and Trilateral Commission - Served as the director for policy planning in the State Department under President George H. W. Bush and special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton; Lawrence J. Korb (CFR) - Director of National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. Has criticized manor of the invasion of Iraq but has detailed plans to increase the manpower of the United States Army to fight the war on terror and to "spread liberal democratic values throughout the Middle East"; Bruce Reidel (CFR) - Former CIA analyst who wishes to expand the war on terror to fight Al Qaeda across the globe. Considered to be the reason behind Barack Obama’s Hawkish views on Pakistan and his Pro India leanings on Kashmir; Stephen E. Flynn (CFR) - Has been attributed with the idea for Obama’s much vaunted "Civilian Security Force". Flynn has written: "The United States should roughly replicate the Federal Reserve model by creating a Federal Security Reserve System (FSRS) with a national board of governors, 10 regional Homeland Security Districts, and 92 local branches called Metropolitan Anti-Terrorism Committees”; and Madeline Albright (CFR) and Brookings - Currently serves on the Council on Foreign Relations Board of directors and was Former Secretary of State and US Ambassador to the United Nations under Clinton.

Here’s the list of possible cabinet positions in the new administration: James B. Steinberg – CFR and the Trilateral Commission; Chuck Hagel (R) – (CFR); Robert M Gates – (CFR), Hillary Clinton – Husband Bill is a CFR member; Bill Richardson (CFR); Sen John Kerry (D) (CFR); Susan Rice (CFR); Robert Rubin (CFR); Lawrence Summers (CFR); Timothy Geithner (CFR); Paul A. Volcker (CFR); David L. Boren (CFR); Thomas H. Kean (CFR); Gary Hart (CFR), and Jane Harman (CFR) – Defense Department Special Counsel (1979).

At time of writing of this article, President-elect Barack Obama's has apparently selected Arizona Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano as secretary of Homeland Security; Timothy Geithner, the current New York Federal Reserve head, as the Secretary of the Treasury; and Texas Democratic Gov. William Richardson as the Secretary of Commerce. Guess what? They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations. So much for change!

What do Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Jim Lehrer, Marvin Kalb, Diane Sawyer, Andrea Mitchell and Tom Brokaw have in common? Answer: They are all members of the CFR.

What does the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street journal, LA Times, Boston Globe, Baltomor Sun, Chicage Sun-Times, Houston Post, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Arkansas Gazette, DesMoine Register and Tribune, Louisville Courier, the AP, UPI, Reuters, the Gannett Co, Walt Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Networks, Clear Channel have in common: Answer: They are all members of the CFR.

Freedom of the press has always been vital to the preservation of our American Republic. Ever since the early years of our country, it was the American “free press” that stood tall between us and the crooked international bankers, industrialists and corrupt government officials. While some of the major newspapers in the big cities were controlled by establishment types like William Randolph Hearst, who definitely influenced the content, most of the newspaper owners and reporters were independent and honorable people who chose to keep their integrity by pursuing the truth. Most local newspapers, radio stations, and later on TV stations, were owned locally.

As they grow larger and eliminate their competition, major media corporations and international bankers are choosing what you will see on the nightly news while trying to trick you into believing it is unbiased reporting. The very news stories that you are fed by the mainstream media are manipulated to mirror the public relations campaigns of corporations, international bankers and even their favorite presidential candidates. If this is not the case then why, during the course of the 2008 election, was there no mention of the issues that were important to Americans: the threat by big government to our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty; the actions of the Federal Reserve and the issuance of fiat money; the drugging of 6 million of our nation’s youth; or amnesty for illegal aliens. Popular candidates like Ron Paul were either ignored by the media, excluded from most of the TV debates, or asked fewer questions than their CFR candidate counterparts. Of the top twenty media corporations in the U.S, 18 are members of the CFR.

The CFR's strategy is to use their members in the media to promote the need for world government in order to fight international threats like global warming. Both Obama and McCain made the environment a major issue in the campaign, but avoided mentioning the immigration issue. The CFR has long identified the worldwide environmental movement as a means to advance its agenda and has even suggested a global tax on all developed nations, payable to the United Nations of course. Most of the major media companies are now controlled by individuals or organizations that are members of the CFR, including the international bankers. One of the techniques used by the CFR and its membership has been to manipulate the news in such as way as to push their internationalist views on the rest of us.

As the big media corporations keep merging into larger and more powerful companies, they will be able to control public opinion as never before. With their friends in congress and in key government agencies, all the international bankers and their CFR members need to do is advocate bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine” and regulating the internet and their control of the media will be complete.

The average American might find the CFR’s powerful influence over America's government very difficult to understand or believe, but never forget that the CFR was founded by international bankers for the express purpose of bringing about socialism and world government. It is the deliberate plan of these international bankers, who hide in the shadows and pull the strings of their marionettes, to gradually increase their influence and domination over America’s domestic and foreign affairs. CFR members have been in control of our government since the 1940’s. If CFR members are supposed to be the nation’s best and brightest in running the federal government and overseeing foreign affairs, why is the country in such a mess under their eighty year watch? The answer is: That’s the plan.

The international bankers behind the Federal Reserve and the CFR are deliberately trying to usurp the US Constitution and gradually destroy our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty in the process. They are using the Federal Reserve System to bankrupt the country so we will be at their mercy. The deeper in debt our country goes, the richer and more powerful these international bankers become. If action is not taken to take back control of our nation’s currency from the criminals in the private international banking cartel and if the CFR’s influence over the highest levels of our federal government isn't soon broken, America will be reduced to a third world nation controlled by a socialistic world government where our freedoms and liberties would have disappeared and our national sovereignty is but a fond memory.

Many Americans believe that we may have reached a point where it no longer matters which party or candidate wins the election, because both candidates are already beholden to special interest groups and the winner will staff the high level executive positions with CFR members.

The activities of the international bankers behind the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve should be thoroughly investigated by an independent prosecutor. If criminal activities are uncovered, then those involved should be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) as an ongoing criminal conspiracy. The American people must not give up their liberties for the false sense of security offered by the international bankers and their CFR puppets. The grip of these international criminals must be broken and the threats against our liberties, freedoms and our nation’s sovereignty must be eliminated. It can only be accomplished by a demand for action by a determined and educated American citizenry, as well as by an honest and thorough federal criminal investigation.

I close this article with a quote from David Rockefeller, the former Chairman and the current Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relation and ask you to consider the implications of what he has said:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years... It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

- David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting, June 1991 Baden, Germany



New York Campaign for Liberty

Tom said...

Mott, is either an idiot, or is in on it (probably, the latter!). In his so-called evidence against this (obvious) truth, he even provides us a quote about the Bilderberg Group, from none other than the ADL (an international hate-group, and well-known Illuminati front). Oh, yeah, that's objective! After all, Zionists are so revered for their honesty (lol). And Jews and banking never mix either, right! [The Easter Bunny regularly hangs out at my house just in case Mr. Mott wants to stop by and meet him] And why did he choose the ADL for his description, when he certainly could have gotten one from a more credible source?

People, debunking these claims is really quite simple. What kind of organization is it, if everyone agrees entirely, about everything, 100% of the time? Have you ever heard of such an organization? Me neither! Why? Because none such organizations exist! (If the Girl Scouts can't agree on a new flavor of cookie for their line of products, how in the world can we expect the world's most powerful group, comprised of elected officials and unelected power-brokers, to completely agree on their agenda? How, and why, are many people that attend this group (of crooks and killers) at such odds with each other? Bill Gates got fined a billion dollars? So what, he deserved to be fined! That doesn't prove anything! And besides, that's like a thousand dollars to a regular person anyway.

So JFK's and Ike's warnings about the Military Industrial Complex taking over the country (and world) mean nothing (at least according to Mr. Mott). We are instead to trust the always truthful and reliable ADL (lol), a group that's surely involved in this mess! There is not two major political parties in the U.S. It's a two-headed, one-party system, and has been for decades. Its all smoke and mirrors!

This article is a joke!

Randy Mott said...

Res Ipsa Loquitur


Futurist said...

I'm not sure what to make of Bilderberg but a private meeting does seem to indicate cartel-like behaviour (there's probably an appropriate quote about cartels I could insert here). The former members seem a little bit agressive in their jocular denial that anything above the mundane takes place at these closed-door gatherings.

I think the worlds elites being on the same page to any extent is not good for he average person.

charles said...

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Nolan J. Reynolds said...

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