More on 9-11 Conspiracy Fallacies

The conspiracy theorists repeat like a chant that allegation that the WTC buildings "fell at near free fall speed." This is taken to provide some sort of support for their theory that it had to be a controlled demolition. Leaving aside the issue that they never provide any engineering support for why this hypothesis explains controlled demolition [a unstated ridiculous supposition that multiple charges on each floor blew out the supporting structures timed to hundreds of a second], there is absoluely no evidence that the buildings free at "free fall speed."

The numerous photographs and videos all show that debris from both WTC Towers was falling faster than the floors were collapsing. See above examples.

The "free fall fallacy" has been debunked for years. See 911 Myths; Debunking 9-11 Conspiracy Theories; and Physics of 9-11 Events.

Randy Mott


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