Michelle Obama and daughters attended every Trinity Church service

While Barrack Obama went to Washington as a Senator, his wife and two daughters stayed in Chicago. Accordingly to the "fluffy" biographically piece on Michelle Obama, she claims to have attended Trinity Church "every Sunday":

"After Barack was elected to the U.S. Senate, Barack and Michelle choose to keep their children in Chicago, where Michelle continued her career as well. "We made a good decision to stay in Chicago so that has kept our family stable," Michelle Obama told the Chicago Tribune. Every Sunday the family attends services at the Trinity United Church of Christ." http://www.squidoo.com/michelle-obama-pictures-biography

While he may claim, incredibly so, that he never heard this stuff (Obama ver. 3.02), the facts seem to show that he is misrepresenting things at best:

1. His family attended and clearly if Wright's rant were shocking to them, he would have known. He also subjected his daughters to this racist nonsense. A healer?

2. In his first book, Obama says that he purchased and took tapes of Wright's sermons with him to Harvard. If he did not attend the sermons, he certainly heard them later.

3. Before his announcement ceremony, Obama pulled Wright from doing the prayer. Because he knew it could be controversial. If the events in March 2008 were all news to him, why did he do that one year earlier?

4. The church web-site and bulletin routinely included black liberation rants and other extremist information and essays. Obviously Obama knew of the content of what was being handed out routinely at the church.

5. The pattern of these sermons went on for twenty years, not just a few isolated cases . Even the first sermon Obama reported hearing included this nonsense.

Obama's claims that Rev. Wright's racist rants were unknown to him are no more credible than Hillary's Bosnian sniper experience. But the media is giving Obama another pass. The campaign will not do so.

Look for the guy to sink faster than Dukasis did.

Randy Mott


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