Window to His Soul

Why is it that all of the anti-American, racist rants in this campaign seem to come from the close associates and spouse of one candidate?

When his wife says that she "was never proud of America" until he won a primary election, do we think that she never espoused this view at home?

Do we think that Barrack Obama never heard a Rev. Wright racist sermon? Never read the church bulletin? Took those Wright sermon tapes to Harvard, as he wrote, but never watched them?

Now do we think that he never heard Father Pfleger's views about racist America and the reparations that the radical priest thinks are due to black people just because of their race?

Do we think that Obama came out of Chicago politics with the blessing of the local party without making deals that would be considered imprudent at best outside Chicago?

Do we think that Barrack Obama, who launched his first state senate race from the home of William Ayers, never heard the kind of statements that Ayers made as late as last year about bombing American buildings not being enough?

I think that the answer is that Barrack Obama "hopes" that we will "change" our habit of really looking at who a candidate is. The window to his soul is reflected by his closest associations. His public personna was dismissed by his lifelong spiritual adviser, Rev. Wright, as Obama just being a politician.

Some things even Rev. Wright gets right.

Randy Mott


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