Reality Bites...

During the campaign some of us said that Obama was a con artist, pretending to be post-partisan, but a thoroughly doctrinaire Democratic liberal. A guy who never bucked his party on a single issue. Now it appears he has no stomach at all to stand up to Democrats in Congress who have rushed through giant pork barrel spending bills one after the other in the name of economic recovery (without ever, yet addressing problems in banking and housing, where the crisis started).

We questioned his maturity and experience to be the leader of the free world. Remember when the President of France, Mr. Sarkozy,, suggested that Obama's position on Iran was too weak for the French to accept? Sarkozy described Obama's views as ‘utterly immature’ and comprised of ‘formulations empty of all content.’” Now the President of the United States stumbles on the protocol of a meeting with the Prime Miniser of the UK, looking like the state senator he was but a few years ago.

Remember when Obama promised to change our positions on terrorist detainees? Pull out of Iraq? Now it appears that he is not much different than Bush on the Iraq timetable and - while wanting to close Gitmo, his Administration has not abandoned a signel assertion of government powwer in terrorism cases. Not surprising, since the "Bush" positions were the traditional views of past Presidents from both parties.

Remember the criticism over the Republcians and the growing national debt? Now this guys have doubled it in 90 days, while ignoring the Congressional Buget Office analysis that this will depress not grow GDP over time.

Their credo is to never waste a good crisis and their actions seemed to be destined to prolong it.

But the reality of the situation remains. The stock market and financial centers have not responded well to any of the jive from Washington. The Democrats used their goodwill and political dominance to push through a bunch of junk spending without addressing seriously any economic issues. The enemies of our country are still out there and feeling a bit empowered as we start to reduce defense spending and seem destined to become the Jimmy Carter sequel.

The brillant public speaker appears to have been exposed by his continual reliance on a teleprompter for staff support on tough questions. Although is answers the questions seem almost flippant after-the-fact (i.e.the stock market going up and down).

The hard core radicial agenda of Obama's crwis emerging in the budget and the attack on busniess and the wealthy. His campaign remark about wanting to spread the wealth around seems to have been one of the only honest sound bites from him in the election.

The disorganized, infighting Republican Party seems, neverthless, destined to pick up a major number of Congressional seats and some governorships in 2010. No one seriously expects the economic news to have improved enough to avoid major second thoughts about this novice, extremist Chicago politician that finessed his way into the White House.

The fact that Obama seems to be in peterpetual campaign mode and uncomfortable with governing, not to mention appearing increasingly inept, should make everyone whovoted for him think twice.


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