Democrats like dogs trying to walk on their hind legs?

Why are the Democrats trying to pass a healthcare bill that meets none of the announced objectives of the White House,  that is opposed by an angry majority of likely voters, that will likely cost them control of the House and maybe even the Senate, and that the country manifestly cannot afford? One is reminded of Dr. Johnson's famous statement about dogs who walk on their hind legs: "One wonders not so much how they do it as why their bother?"

Of course, Democrats bother with this leftist drivel because they have convinced themselves that this is the only moment in years where it may be possible. They selectively look at the polls, normally the ones that are of "adults" and heavily tilted toward Democratic Party weighting (using data now quite obsolete and meaningless). Democratic Members of Congress who are in tough districts and states, no doubt, are more nervous. Maybe their aides are telling them that there is time for voters to forget by November 2010.

It is doubtful that anything will pass in my opinion. The longer the matters are pending, the stronger the public opposition. When folks figure out each new proposal it quickly falls into disrepute.

If anything does pass, look to 2010 to be a campaign based on who has the most credibility in claiming that they will vote to repeal it. Passage might actually make 2010 a mandate on these unpopular measures and be the death knell of the "new Democratic Majority," reminding us of Barnum's you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. 


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