Obama "Liquidation" Sale? Really!

Below from Democraticstuff.com

The stimulus is a bust (as anyone with a handle on economics would have expected)(see Hot Air graphic comparing self-recovery of prior recessions with prolonged current recession), the healthcare bill is DOA, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts have swung over 20 points toward Republicans in about one year's time, rhetorically embracing with our most avowed enemies abroad has only empowered them to be more intractable, this President's popularity has dropped more in the first twelve months than in any other first term, and the 2010-2012 polls look like the word "Democrat" on a ballot may be as popular as the ex-spouse at a second wedding. Der Spiegel has a January headline "The world says goodbye to Obama."

Time to sell off all of your Obama promo butons and tee-shirts at a discount? Yes, literally it is! There is an
official campaign liquidation sale!!!


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