Suicide bomber turned chicken?

I have an unusual hypothesis that may explain a lot about the attempted Times Square terrorist attack. Other than remotely triggered IEDs in Iraq, it seems that the specialty of Jihadists is suicide bombers, trained to self-destruct in ways that grossly simply fuse and trigger schemes. Just about all of the information coming out about Shahzad shows that he was hanging around with the varsity of suicide bombers in Pakistan.

So what happened in New York City?  I think that Shahzad was supposed to be a suicide bomber and got a change of heart and improvised the trigger mechanism (which is why it was sloppy). It also explains his rather ad hoc escape plan. His apparent willingness to talk about the whole scheme when he was arrested also fits with the reluctant bomber motif.

That the Pakistani Taliban would fund him and send him on this attack also may say a lot about how short of willing and quasi-rational suicide bombers they really are.  We had been told by the Left that our War on Terror was just causing the creation of an endless supply of suicide bombers. Since it is impossible to be a veteran suicide bomber, maybe they are hitting the bottom of the barrel in recruits? While jihadists no doubt have ample unsophisticated, uneducated and brainwashed young men who can mingle without suspicion in their native countries, it seems that they might be having trouble getting people who can move around in the Werst without suspicion and yet have the thwarted view that self-destruction along with as many innocent lives as possible is a sound idea. 


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