The BP Spill and Obama

I have been involved in hazardous material and waste matters for thirty-years. Usually on the side of giving advice to the companies with the problems.

So I will do a very brief synopsis. Obama was told early on that the chances of capping the broken wellhead were not good. Estimates of oil volumes privately provided were also much highly that the public heard in the first weeks.

With that set of facts, the first order of the day should have been mitigation measures. That means destruction of the oil while far at sea (fire booms or maybe even military means to ignite it), sand berms and other containment means, and rounding up all of the equipment possible to remove as much as possible before it hit sensitive areas.

None of that happened. Obama played golf and then lectured us. The federal alphabet agencies did what they do best, used red tape to frustrate people who have to deal with the real world. Democrat politicians ought to demonize the oil industry, at the expense of worsening the economic crisis and aggravating our energy security.

If the health care debacle was the beginning of the end for the "new age of Obama liberalism," then the Gulf oil spill has to be the potentially fatal head shot to the staggering and wounded guy who got promoted by the media to a position about three levels above his competence.


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