New RES law in Poland Will Recognize Stored Energy As Renewable

In a big breakthrough, the Polish Government has now included energy stored from renewable sources to be part of the energy from a renewable energy installation. Article 2.13 defines a renewable energy installation to include "stored electricity produced from the equipment." This means that stored energy will still count as renewable energy if that was the source of the input.

This will create great opportunities for new energy storage projects, especially in the PV sector. The big thing to remember is that the law, when passed, will apply to all RES facilities and those that are already operating can add storage and not only keep Green Certificates, but directly sell the stored energy in the peak period market. This is only allowed the way the law is drafted for "grandfathered" facilities that do not have to sell to the grid through the new state-owned entity to be created by the new law.

The challenge is how to make the new law work to funnel electricity into the peak period from storage devices if the producer does not obtain any advantage from doing so [unless the producer is operating before the new law takes effect].  We will be working on ways to solve this and hopefully have the cooperation of the Government, since this is in everyone's best interests.


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