Developments in the EU on Waste Producer Issues

On December 4th, 2014, CHWMEG ( will sponsor a one-day conference in Warsaw on recent developments in the EU that affect the producers of industrial waste. The meeting will include experts across a variety of organizations, discussing regulatory developments in Central Europe that affect companies generating wastes.

From the interpretation of recent European Court of Justice (now CJEU) in new cases under the Environmental Liability Directive to regulatory changes implementing EU directives, the expert panels will cover the issues that matter to manufacturers in this region. Multiple laws now allow authorities to make waste producers responsible for the final safe disposal or treatment of their waste. Participants will also learn how the major companies reduce their exposure to financial liability and protect their brand names by pro-active programs to monitor their waste vendors.

The meeting is modestly priced and will be held at the Westin Hotel in  Warsaw. For details contact: europe (at)

Randy Mott
Director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East


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