Break through in New Renewable Energy Law?

Changes in the draft Polish Renewable Energy Law are starting to make it look pretty good.

They have apparently agreed to "banding" auctions by technology. This allows biogas to compete more effectively.

The legislators also seemed to have agreed to raise the biogas plant size to 1.5 MW, before it has to compete with cheaper technologies in auctions.

I am waiting for the results on the definition of allowable substrates before the champagne comes out. The bill also has to actually pass the fill committee, the lower house of Parliament, and then be approved by the Polish Senate.

This will open new support prospectively for biogas via auctions. Unfortunately, the auction mechanism will be tough on farm plants and smaller developers. We have fought for a more stable support system - including fixing Green Certificates, which is still possible through action by the European Commission. But the hope that a viable support mechanism for organic waste biogas plants in Poland may actually be accomplished near term is going up.


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