What Does Everyone in Europe Know that Poland Does Not? No Future in Coal

Now another company has made a business decision based on an objective view of the European energy market...... ENGI elected not to go forward with plans for a coal-fired electricity plant in Lublin,

Polish politicians try to sell their commitment to coal as an energy security issue. At least Poland has coal, so it goes. But if it is not economically feasible to use coal, especially most Polish coal, then how is this argument any different than saying that Poland has tides for wave power? ["... current demonstration projects suggest the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) [for tidal power]to be in the range of EUR 0.25-0.47/kWh."].

If an energy resource is not economically feasible, it ceases to be a realistic major part of energy security.


Note: For the price of 0.17-0.23 EURO/kWh, Poland can have biogas that produces roughly twice the green energy accounting the heat utilization. Source: European Biogas Association 2011: Polish Biogas Association technical submission to Ministry of Economy, 2014.


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