Forged Documents Obfuscate Real Story

"If my forgeries looked as bad as the CBS documents, it would have been "Catch Me In Two Days". Frank Abagnale,
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The DNC seems undeterred from pursuing the subject of Bush's Texas Air National Guard service. The liberal press keeps repeating that there are "unanswered" questions, ignoring the answers. This is a non-issue as explained clearly by
Byron York, "Bush’s National Guard years Before you fall for Dems’ spin, here are the facts," The Hill

I was commissioned in 1973 as an Infantry 2Lt and was also told to go home and wait in the Inactive Reserve. In that period, there were more regular Army officers than slots and the Reserve types like the President and I (and John Kerry) were ordered inactive because there were no slots for us.

I am at a loss to see how Bush's asking to go to Alabama to work on a campaign and be excused from flying is any more news than Kerry's request to get out early to run for Congress in 1972. None of us were still needed at that point, although all three of us were exposed to the risk of going into active service in Vietnam if the need had arose (as it did with Kerry in 1968).

I see absolutely no points in this issue for the Democrats and they seem to be on a suicide mission with an issue-less campaign.


Anonymous said…
Well said. And thanks for the link to my humble blog!
Robin Juhl (The Ranting Raven)

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