The Obama Bubble is Bursting

Probably too late for Hillary Clinton, but the Barrack Obama bubble appears to be bursting before it got very far off the ground. He now does worse than Hillary in general election head-to-head polls against McCain. McCain's projected margin over Obama in the somewhat misleading national polls is is misleading because it does not reflect even more profound state-by-state polls. Ultimately winning one state at a time is all that matters. Ask Al Gore.

McCain is now ahead in polling in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and is winning or in striking distance in many more "blue states" in head-to-head general election polls.

What is happening? The public through the new media is finally getting to "vet" Barrack Obama. The other Democratic candidates have been gentile to a fault by U.S. election standards, both because they feared a racial connotation in any attack and because they were all competing for the very leftist Democratic primary voters. Obama is one of the first candidates in modern times to try to run for President without ever having ran in a tough, truly contested statewide race or any other race for that matter. Only Ike comes to mind with a thinner political resume....and those times were more than a bit different.

The media which used to call itself mainstream ( a misnomer now since a shrinking minority of Americans get their news that way) wanted dearly to have a new hero. They always told themselves that the liberal message was a winner, but the messagers were just not slick enough. Now they thought that they had one. Call entrenched liberalism "change"..... call more "tax and spend" programs "hope." Carry water for every Democratic special interest group, but campaign against special interests. It worked for awhile, didn't it?

Now Americans are finally seeing that the counter-culture "blame America" pathos of the Obamas is their real nature. Forget that his middle name is Hussein and that he is black. The relevant and condemning quality in Barrack Obama is that he is far to the left of 80% of the country. And we can say that even though he is black and even though his middle name is Hussein. His "Global Poverty Tax" or his legalization of marijuana proposal are so far removed from mainstream of American political thought that he epitomizes the isolated and rejected views of our wayward urban elite who seem to prefer the European socialist traditions and post-modern relativism to America's core values.

Obama asks us to believe in something, especially in him, in an alarmingly messianic tone....while he asks us to suspend believe about his ties to a corrupt Arab-American businessman in Chicago who helped him buy a lot for the Obama house at a discount price or a racist, anti-American pastor whom he knew well for twenty years. Neither man was a casual acquintance and neither one seems to have made any effort to hide their nature to Senator Obama. He is monumentally stupid or he is lying to us about his relationship with both of them....about what he knew and when he knew it and what he was doing about it until someone turned on the lights. Being a clever guy, it seems that the latter explanation is the only possible one.

I am sure that Democrats today have no real idea what other items will come up in the coming weeks and months,. They will be running a candidate with the thinnest resume in recent history, with a self-righteous aura that cannot seem to handle any follow-up questions on the tough subjects. He tells voters upset over job losses that NAFTA is to blame (a totally debunked lie) and then privately acts to reassure the Canadians that it was just politics. He tells the vehement and visceral antiwar movement in his party that he will pull out of Iraq starting on Day One, while his foreign policy advisor says maybe the conditions will not warrant that in 2009 and he himself says he might go back into Iraq if "Al Qaeda was setting up a base there." [One of the absolutely dumbest statements made by a candidate in this election cycle]. The once confident Democrats are privately scratching their heads and wondering what blooper may come out next or what other skeleton is in the closet.

I personally do not think that it is any coincidence that Mrs. Obama let it slip that she had not been proud of America until her husband won some primaries and that the Obamas pastor is fond of saying "God d___ America." These folks are counter-culture soreheads, playing the victim game while they all rake in the money. Now they have been caught in the daylight after pretending that they were something unique, uplifting and new.

All of this before the real campaign even starts. Look for the Obama machine to start dropping parts on the road and to begin leaking oil in the coming weeks. Unfortunately the Democratic Party does not have a "voter protection clause" that allows them to promptly void the sale when they find out the product is not something that they bargained for.

Current pollsters find that Americans are self-identified conservatives over self-identified liberals by a two to one margin. Bill Clinton understood this and confused enough voters to pull it off. Obama's amateur act seems incapable of repeating such a sleigh of hand at this point.

Randy Mott
March 17, 2008


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