Obama's Phillie Speech

Okay... he still wants to be the uniter...is that a surprise? Nice speech...good rhetoric.

This is undoubtedly make his supporters happy. Senator Obama tries to "turn the corner" as we used to say in debate. But I don't think that the speech ends the controversy or gives him a bye on the situation he allowed to develop.

When Obama needed black community bona fides in Chicago, he sought out this church and Rev. Wright to get them. When he needs to be acceptable to white voters, he rejects the views that he heard for twenty years [after of course, denying that he ever heard them]. Which is it? Was he lying when he said he never heard this type of viewpoint or is he lying when he says that he understood Rev. Wright's viewpoint while disagreeing with it?

Two Obamas- one for the Chicago voters where he started out and one now for his national campaign. Several versions of the Rev. Wright controversy, all of which seem mutually exclusive.

Add in Michelle Obama's speeches - consistent themes that reflect the Rev. Wright take on the country albeit in softer terms - and you should be asking how we can be fooled by this act. I do not think the issue will die this easily.

Randy Mott


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