Victories for Biogas in Poland?

Checking out the law in detail to ask questions to URE..... there appear to be some good provisions for biogas in Poland if they are implemented intelligently.

The scope of biogas is changed to include all of the biomass allowed by the EU definition in the RES Directive. A change we (the Polish Biogas Association) urged them to make.

There is a question of how the reference price will be set for this category (other biogas), but they will have to be guided by cost of production under state aid rules. The cost is the same or higher than agricultural plants.

We would like additives like glycerin and enzymes added to the possible feed-stocks allowed by the law with a 2 % volumetric limit. This reflects the same rule the European Commission worked on for the End-of-Waste criteria for biowaste.

The 4000 hour "basket" [a set-aside for projects producing over 4000 MWhr per 1  MW of capacity] should allow biogas plants to win support up to the reference price level. So the big question will be what are those prices going to be? The Institute for Renewable Energy in their 2013 report on the subject set cost of production figures close to what is found in the literature. See i.e. EBA. The Deputy Minister of Economy in the Senate debate mentioned 500-600 PLN/MWhr as the cost of biogas, which is a lower figure.

We will hopefully know soon the direction of this..... so far, so good.


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