Polish Biogas Association Comments on What Needs to be Done to Promote Biogas in Poland

The new government in Poland has announced its intention to much more actively promote and support biogas development. We are excited by this change in attitude and are trying to provide them with accurate information and policy suggestions to make it happen.

The details have been provided today by the Polish Biogas Association. We basically argue against using auctions for biogas and other smaller RES projects (citing a lot of studies and data). PBA also asks that the current system be fixed by providing a weighted certificate value based on the cost of production of the various technologies (as will be required by the European Commission in their review of the certificate program). We think that program should be continued for several years, even to 2020, to assure that there is a continuous construction of new facilities of all types.  The new auctions will not occur this year at this point and if they go ahead next year with two to four years to wait before new projects that win support can be built, Poland will be totally unable to meet the 2020 targets,

PBA also provides details on the definition of what feed-stock can be used and argues for the use of everything that the EU includes in its regulatory definitions. These centralized anaerobic digestion plants managing organic waste provide the best option of their handling and should not receive lower support than farm biogas plants.

It remains to be seen whether the government is serious or really understands what needs to happen, but this is more optimism than the sector has had in years.


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