2010 Elections: The Surge

If Republicans stick to the principles of Reagan and add the intensity of the Tea Party movement and town hall crusaders, the 2010 election will be another 1994.

I predicted this a little while back, relying on the increasingly clear exposure of the Obama post-partisan campaign message as the Big Lie. Polls now show even more shifts in the public seeing Obama as a committed liberal, tax-and-spend big government advocate. Morevoer, it is also more clear that he and his Deocrat leftist colleagues on the Hill have little patience for debate, discussion or facts in pursuit of their quest for bigger and more intrusive government. Pundits that said the Reagan message was outdarted, just five or six months ago, hould be hiding under their desks or writing mea cupas en masse.

Besides movement on the generic ballot, something like twenty percent in six months, polls now show voters in all groups believe that Obama will not keep his pledge to avoid new taxes on the middle class. Voters also prefer the GOP to Democrats on eight out of ten issues.

How far will it go?
Well,pundits frequently noted, as I did, that if Obama tacked to the center and re-grouped on health care and reduced the stimulus spending, he could co-opt a lot of the new energy among conservatives and independents. This Clintonesque move, however, still seems outside his psychological profile. A true Narcissist cannot admit error and fault and Obama remains us everyday that this may indeed be his unalterable nature. Rather than readjust, the Emperor is throwing more of his troops into the slaughter on the front-lines. Like the general than is out-of-touch with the tactical conditions on the field, Obama continues to issue orders that cannot be carried out without making the situation worse and rolling up th casualties on his side.

Result: likely takeover of the House by the GOP in 2010. The first pollsters to suggest this have been those on the left!

This result will only occur if the Republican party keeps its head in the right place and remembers how it has won every election since Nixon left..... by being the party of smaller government, fiscal responsiblity, limited regulation, and personal freedom. We can harness the energy of the populist revolt on big government only if we stick to the principles of Ronald Reagan and maintain our tradition of being the rallying point for citizens committed to these principles and policies.

Issues: (1) repeal the stimulus bill; (2) use half the money to lower the deficit and half for tax relief to people who create jobs (not a crazy ear-marked cut, but a general business cut); (3) put a timeline of the government's holding of private assets, including not just those recently acquired, but TVA and other things that the Federal Government has no business being involved with, (4) finds ways to increase transparency in the legislative and executive branch, no more midnight proposals voted on the next morning, unless it is a war; (5) take simple, immediate steops with no budget impact to improve health care - (a) allow interstate policies and (b) cap malpractice awards to lower costs; (6) aggressively enforce election and civil rights laws to protect voters and penalize union thugs, black Panthers, and "community" scammers from illegally affecting voting and registration.

Become the unquestioned pro-democracy and pro-free market party again.

Randy Mott


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