Obama's Test

As the new RNC ad "The Experiment" notes, in just 200 days Obama has dropped to earth from the clouds, losing his halo and his wings. The state legislator (yes, it was just four years ago) propelled into the limelight by his gift for using a teleprompter and a well-conceived, albeit ambigous message, has run aground. Absolutely nothing in his man's background should have trigger any other expectation.
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Having never orchestrated a single major piece of legislation in the state capitol or in Washington, why would anyone be prized at his ineptitude in handling cap-and-trade and healthcare? Why would anyone be surprised that Obama lies and misrepresents about the healthcare bill, when he cannot even tell a straight story about his personal history? It is increasingly obvious that this guy is in "way over his head."

Maybe the best test of his character and ability will be how he handles the specter of defeat. Bill Clinton, a truly masterful politician, rushed to the center of the ideological spectrum, embracing welfare reform and a balanced budget, both often listed by Democrats as his great accomplishments, yet he resisted both until they were pushed on him by a resurgent Republican Congress. Yet Barrack Obama shows little signs of adaptation and improvisation. His famous "glass jaw" clearly shown in one campaign press conference, for example, See Doc Weasel for comment and video. The famous quote, "You are going to destroy my Presidency," reveals a lot about how tightly and fragilely wired this inexperienced radical self-promoter really is.... See JammieWearingFool. The glass jaw really starts showing in how the Obama perpetual campaign organization is dealing with the criticism on healthcare legislation. The response to the Naked Emperor videos exposing his goal of nationalize healthcare is pathetically inept and defensive.

There are few signs that Obama will adapt to the reality that he has lost the heathcare debate as well as the ability to use taxpayers money and federal government IOUs to buy more votes with new programs. Healthcare will only become his Waterloo if he elects to throw his army and resources into trying to take a position that could not be taken.* This appears to be happening and should not be surprising given the man's history, the Chicago machine culture around him, and his simultaneous inflated and fragile ego. The number of fatal mistakes in the world's history made by leaders who came to believe that their own destiny was bigger than all the forces around them has filled many textbooks and treatises.

Rent a movie this week about Hilter's last months and his issuing of delusional orders to military units that virtually did not exist any longer and his criticism of the generals who were telling him the unpleasant realities. I certainly reminds me of the White House reaction to the townhall meetings and Tea Parties. The most salient point to me is that I think Obama and the Left may actually believe that these are "mobs" organized by a tiny minority, rather than evidence of an emerging overwhelming majority that oppose their policies. They have clearly been in denial over the basic conservatism of the electorate, despite their efforts to obsfuscate and confuse the public over what they truly intend to do. The "get tough" advice that Obama got was exactly what he wanted to hear, as he preparing his troops for a hopeless and bloody assault uphill and into a well-prepared and dug-in enemy. His Waterloo.

Randy Mott

* I have war-gamed Waterloo using multiple different systems and believe that it was impossible for Napolean to have won the battle. Attacking left, right or "up-the-gut" all would have lead to a defeat IMO.


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