The Mulah Solution: The Wrong Answer

The majority of almost every demographic now oppose the main tenets of the amorphous Obama health care debacle. While it would be expected that those with jobs and those with insurance would be less than enamored with plans to increase their costs and reduce their coverage, opposition has now extended to senior citizens, who decisively oppose the plans.

From Carol's Closet: read her Tampa report!

The crowds in and recently outside Congressional town hall meetings, reflect a broad consensus among the public, especially the likely voting public, that the Obama grand scheme is a mistake or far worse.Like the polls, Congressional mail is running five or ten to one against the proposals. It is no surprise that angry constituents, especially those of members of Congress that run on fiscal responsiblity, feel angry and betrayed. The classic bait-and-switch" has to be Barrack Obama's campaign promise of "returning to fiscal responsibility." The atmospherics of this duplicity are accentuated by the Administration new heavy-handed reactions.

The Democrats reaction to plummeting polls numbers (they are down on the generic Congressional ballot by 5 points today) has been vitriolic. They have attempted to paint the most vocal opposition as a bunch of paid stooges. They have attempted to intimidate dissent by the beginnings of an "enemies list." Now they are locking the public out of "public" town hall meetings to allow their union recruited crowds to create a good photo op for Democrats under fire for support of these unpopular policies. The next step may as well be to use the union thugs to physically assault the protesters, following the lead of the Administration's favorite "elected" leader in Iran.

Of course, none of these Democratic responses will work. They are simply increasing the zeal of the dissenters and, more in point, raise the public awareness of the unpopularity of the Democratic proposals. The Tampa lock-out and St. Louis lock-out this week may represent a turning point. When union thugs man the door to block the public from a public meeting, shielding elected officials from the adverse public reaction to positions they have taken, the very legitimacy of government can start to be questioned. Hope, change, transparency? The image is anything but and the very fact that the Democrats have elected to attempt this public intimidation will grievously injure their political future.

My 2010 campaign ad would be the Black Panther intimidating voters and showing the Obama Justice Department political guys dropping the case, coupled with some big union thug closing the door to a public Congressional town hall. Both of these images remind us of Obama's Chicago political machine background. They illustrate anything but "hope and change": more likely a throw-back to the days of big city political bosses and rigged elections.

The ads to date for the GOP have been very tame compared to the amunition that the Democrats are giving us.

George W. Bush was regularly accused of having a political tin ear [famous Pelosi faux pas here]. The fact is that Barrack Obama and the liberal Democrats seem to have managed to get everything wrong and apparently lack the political astuteness to figure a way out. I mentioned early on the blog, that this only becomes Obama's Waterloo if he allows to it. Apparently, the White House and its Congressional colleagues think that causing massive desertion from their ranks and huge casualties in their troops will somehow still carry the day, so it appears to be Waterloo.

Randy Mott


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