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The Left Continues Its Uncanny and Clear View of Threats to America and Our Allies

Iraqi Election Prove Lefties Wrong Again

One can never express strongly enough the total and absolute failure of the American Left to be correct on any issue. In the last three years, the Left has built on a record of being totally incorrect, even delusional, about the Soviet Union in the Cold War, to a series of emotional, and unfounded, inaccuracies about Afghanistan and Iraq. Never expressing any loss of face or sense of error, the Leftists continue to predict the worst for our country and our allies, as long as their folks are out of power. This was the crowd that often argued the Cold War was caused by us provoking the Soviets, who were just like us (with the unmentioned exception of 10 to 40 million people they killed in the 20th Century and the complete suspension of free speech, elections and private property). These pundits were sure that U.S. military action in Afghanstan after 9-11 would lead to an American defeat, like the Soviets' and Brits' failures. Then they switched to "Afghanistan will
Kilimanjaro in the distance. Despite the lack of recent atmospheric temperature increases, the glacier is retreating at a slow rate. Studies show no correlaton between temperature and glacier behavior. 

The Infamous Kilimanjaro Snow Job

Greenhouse gas Kyoto advocates will use every scare tactic in the book, including the discredited Kilimanjaro theory. One author recently commented: "The Kilimanjaro ice field has melted by 80% it's maximum size photographed in 1912 AD. Projection of the melting rate into the future suggests that the ice cap will most likely disappear by 2015-2020 (10-15 years from now). This result is important because the ice sheet has been stable at this site for many millennia - the observed recent melting rate is exceptionally rapid." The problem with the statement is that it is totally devoid of factual support at every level. The temperature data for East Africa support no inference of GHG warming: The National Academy of Sciences published a report* last year that defines the geographic regions of warming and cooling during the last 20 years. Surface measurements of East Africa show no warming trend (Fig. 6.2, p. 34). Weather satellites show a pronounced cooling trend of the