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Who was Che Guevara? What if Hilter Had Been Photogenic?

I will not add much of my prose to that which has been written by many who have spent more time studying the real Che Geuvara. So I will be content to post some excerpts and links that lay out the real story of this pop icon and the fraudulent nature of his glorification. In the beginning, however, I must observe that Che Guevara's real story contradicts every value held dear by those who glorify him. They oppose capital punishment: he believed in it and practiced it without trials on guilt or innocence. They cherish personal freedom: he sent young people to re-education camps for listening to rock music. They value heroism and personal honor: he was at his best shooting unarmed men. They respect intellectual achievement: his writings are petty regurgitation of Marxist slogans. They try to epitomize personal freedom: he was the master of collective suppression of freedom. They extol love: he preached hate as a political tool. “The fog of time and the strength of anti-anti-Commun

Democracy and change in the Middle East

The "mainstream press" - which will be mainstream no more at current subscription and viewer rates - widely jeered at President Bush's pronouncements on spreading democracy in the Middle East as a solution to regional warfare and conflict. Now several years into the Bush policy, a pattern seems to be emerging that even many critics cannot ignore. Elections in Afghanistan (no NYT "quagmire"). Elections in Iraq (no terrorist bloodbath). Coalition building in Iraq across religious and sect lines (no fundamentalist regime). A real Palestinian election and a pro-peace government. Spontaneous outbursts of freedom and tolerance in Lebanon. A possible contested election in Egypt. And don't forget Libya's turn-around. Enormous pressure on the tyrant in Syria, even from Arab governments. Growing resistance to the fundamentalist religious dictatorship in Iran. This world is obviously not following the New York Times/CBS script! The growing isolation of the ter