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Polish RES Auction Starts Today: Observations to Follow

Today the Polish Government starts its first auction for renewable energy support. The principal focus will be existing installations that now have an option to opt for a contract-for-the-difference to replace green certificate support (now special blue certificates for biogas). Some new facilities will also bid in another category. Most of the facilities participating with have grants for their projects - either already built or already contracted. This means that their bids must be lowered to meet state aid ceilings imposed by the EU. Accordingly, the bids today may not be very predictive of future bids in auctions where far fewer projects will have this condition.  I do expect that the number of projects bid will be lower than the government predicted. The hurdles of going into a project without a guarantee of support are quite significant and everywhere else they have reduced participation levels of small project developers.  The "competitive" nature of t

Improving Hazardous Waste Management in Africa: Creation of Regional Markets to Create New Infrastructure

My paper was just published in the Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa.  There will also tentatively be a two-day conference on the subject in Cape Town on October 15th (to be confirmed). The goal is to bring together stakeholders for a detailed frank discussion of what the barriers are to improving waste management and what solutions might work.

Thanks to Readers

My blog is approaching 270,000 views.  I want to thank all readers and encourage people to pass on the links to stories that interest you. I will continue to call the shots as I see them and try to provide links to good information, facts and actual data.