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The Incredibly Shrinking American Deterrent

It is no accident, I am sure, that the world seems far less predictable and safe in the last few months. After alienating most of our allies, bowing to foreign dignitaries, and trying to appease our avowed enemies, the Obama Administration is starting to reap the harvest of American contraction. We have emboldened enemies on almost all fronts. A defiant Iran is now supported in its nuclear ambitions, not only by Russia and China, but by Turkey, a NATO member. Israel is more isolated than anytime since the 1973 war, with its Muslim adversaries feeling a new sense of boldness in their actions. North Korea has engaged in open acts of war with the South and has suffered no adverse consequences or reactions from the global community. America itself has been subject to an increased number of near misses in terrorist attacks. We have dodged the bullets largely out of luck and human errors on the other side. Our international popularity has only grown among the Leftist politicians in som