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Hurricanes and Climate Change

I am committed to renewable energy due to its positive environmental effects, but mostly because of its long-term cost-effectiveness and empowerment of people by decentralizing energy production. However, that does not mean that I must buy into the climate change (aka "global warming") theory.  In this period of horrible hurricanes, it is important to keep an objective mind set. Critical data does not support the premise that CO2 levels are a major driver that changes global climate. My previous posts have cited the geophysical data that shows no correlation between CO2 levels and temperature change in the earth's history. Now there is even more evidence that CO2 is a minor driver of temperature that is more than offset by negative feedbacks that overcome its warming effect. Hurricane Frequency The data simply do not support any notion that hurricanes are growing in frequency with CO2 levels. Nor is there any correlation between CO2 levels and the occurrence of