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John McCain: Conservative enough to protect the naton

Many of Senator McCain's positions have upset conservatives. His views of global warming are clearly on the wrong side for us. His campaign finance legislation infringed on what many of us considered to be First Amendment rights. His lack of a full appreciation of the problems of accepting a path toward legitimacy of illegal immigrants already here before fully securing the borders enraged many on the right. A lot of this tension is really a hang-over from George W. Bush, whom conservatives supported and often felt betrayed by. It is a fatal mistake to read the disapproval ratings of President Bush as a vindication of the policies of the Left, after all Congress now scores only a 22% approval rate under the new leadership. We on the right have idolized Ronald Reagan, whom many have pointed out had his own set of compromises and accomodations. We should measure our Presidents and leaders be the fights that they choose to wage and they results they achieve, that's how histo