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Many politicians have so latched on to the alleged human cause of climate change that a crisis is looming when the data goes the other way. Evidence is now clear that we are experiencing global cooling . Unless the environmental movement and renewable energy business refocus the rationale for their policy arguments, a crisis is looming on the horizon. AccuWeather's Expert Senior Forecaster Joe Bastardi has stated: "People are concerned that 50 years from now, it will be warm beyond a point of no return. My concern is almost opposite, that it's cold and getting colder." “… as North America emerged from its coldest and snowiest winter for decades, the US National Climate Data Center, run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a statement that snow cover in January on the Eurasian land mass had been the most extensive ever recorded, and that in the US March had been only the 63rd warmest since records began in 1895.” Christopher Booker,

All that glitters

The pattern is now getting pretty clear. Democrats nominate a liberal candidate who tries to obscure his tendencies and , for a while, he is successful as long as he is perceived as none of the above. Bill Clinton was a master of obscuring his liberal credentials and displaying a “third way.” Barrack Hussein Obama, who reads a mean teleprompter speech, lacks this finesse. Voters in the Great American Middle, now the largest group, have been slow to warm up to Obama, despite the press hype and the unprecedented campaign war chest. His strongest support - among young voters - is eroding from loss of enthusiasm as he runs to the middle and reverses himself on many issues, showing to the idealistic that he is indeed what Rev. Wright, his ex-mentor, said, simply “a politician.” Obama ran best as an unknown commodity that could be a vague template for anyone upset about something that wanted “change.” The more familiar he becomes, the more restricted his audience is. Polling data now sho

Obama's Tire Gaffe: A Gauge of his Veracity?

The now famous quote by Barrack Hussein Obama that Americans could save more oil by properly inflating their tires than we can get offshore has emerged as a real campaign issue. "There are things that you can do individually though to save energy," Sen. Barrack Obama, D-Illinois, said. "Making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups. You could actually save just as much." LINK "The Department of Energy’s designated economist on this issue indicated that, of the 130 billion gallons of fuel that the Transportation Research Board (TRB)2 estimated were used in passenger cars and light trucks in 2005, about 1.2 billion gallons were wasted as a result of driving on underinflated tires." GAO, "Underinflated Tires in the United States" February 2007, p. 2. Thus, the DOE uses a savings


THE INEVITABLE DECLINE OF POPULARITY FOUNDED ON IGNORANCE In most recent Presidential contests, the Democratic contender fell from a modest or even large lead in the summer to a tight race or even sound defeat in the November election. Two factors are at work here in my opinion. One is the fact that later polls are based increasingly on "likely voters," while early polls tend to be registered voters or even "all adults." The latter two measures overstate the Democratic vote by 4-7 percent historically. So early "leads" may not be quite as real as the media hypes them to be. But, second, the basic characteristic of the American electorate has time to emerge. Americans, even with the decline in the GOP "brand" (so widely reported), are still two to one self-identified conservatives over self-identified liberals. Liberals generally cannot even run as liberals anymore, now they call themselves "progressives" even in their own circles.