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Comments of the Polish Biogas Association on the Ministry's Proposed Biogas Auction Reference Prices

POLISH BIOGAS ASSOCIATION COMMENTS ON SUGGESTED REFERENCE PRICES September 2015      The proposed reference prices released by the Ministry of Economy for the first auctions under the new law significantly understate the support necessary for anaerobic digestion plants. The numbers proposed are as follows: 1) agricultural biogas plants with a capacity of 1 MW - 450 zł / MWh 2) agricultural biogas plants with a capacity exceeding 1 MW - 435 zł / MWh 3) biogas plants using biogas from landfills - 210 zł / MWh 4) biogas plants using biogas from wastewater treatment plants - 400 zł / MWh 5) biogas plants using biogas other than in paragraphs 3 and 4 - 340 zł / MWh Analysis      There is no data from any source that we are aware of to support the price set in the proposal for agricultural biogas under items 1 and 2. Basic biogas costs for agricultural plants of various sizes were set out by the European Biogas Association in 2010. See graphic below.  Recent studies

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Rumors that the Treasury Ministry Thinks the Small Auction Will be Pointless and Expensive

There are rumors in Warsaw that the Polish Treasury Ministry thinks that the small auction for renewable energy support (below 1 MW) will be waste of time and resources. Because 25% of all of the support provided from 2016 and beyond must go to small sources, and small sources will not be sufficient to meet the target, anyone who bids in an auction within the maximum price will win. At the same time, the cost of setting up the auction is pretty much the same whether 250 kW a project are being bid or 150 MW. The Ministry of Economy conceded in the Parliamentary debate on the RES bill that there will be more support offered small sources than there will be projects. This means that there will really be no competition for support and no real pressure on the prices sought. All bids will win.... causing us to ask earlier why have an auction at all? Apparently the Treasury thinks the same thing. The European Commission must accept the "GBER notification" from the Polish Governm

Health Effects of Coal in Poland Dwarf Concerns About Windmiils

The party leading the polls to take charge of the Polish Parliament (Law and Justice) has a campaign to fight wind farms in Poland. They complain about their aesthetics and possible noise issues for immediate neighbors. Law and Justice wants to ban wind farms in most of Poland by placing restrictions on their siting. This is an amazingly hypocritical viewpoint all things considered. Wind energy is gradually replacing coal in most of Europe. It could reduce coal burning in Poland as well. Even the Pope has weighed in on the need for a "rapid transition" away fro coal energy. The observed effects of burning coal in Poland are not in dispute: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that poor air quality resulting from low emissions in Poland is the reason why an average of 48 thousand. premature deaths a year and shorten life by an average of 10 months. Link. Law and Justice proclaims that it is the Christian party and is comprised of many devote Catholics. I