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Renewable Energy Declining in Poland

Inevitably when the government replaced a system that allowed continuous additions of renewable energy with a new system that only provided for periodic approval of projects on a scheduled delayed by the bureaucratic process, the level of new renewable energy being produced has declined. New auctions will give the winners until after 2020 to build the projects and there is no schedule for the next auction approaching mid-2017. More changes are in the offing and - while they may likely improve the situation - they will also delay any new start-ups. "High Voltage" reports   that the system is slowing down down every month. The likelihood of Poland hitting the 2020 mandatory goal for production of renewable energy is now remote. There are glimmers of hope in the new system for biogas and larger PV projects, but investors have been shell-shocked by the government assault on wind energy and are generally sitting this round out. Many mistakes have been made by the last two